• Ronit Asa

Social Pressure and Failures

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

People who were consulting a dietitian were afraid to tell this to their social enviroment. Now, saying "I'm following a diet" has become a popular. Many of us have started to compare the dietitian. Why is a diet so popular and started to be promoted to everyone? We should learn the real meaning of a diet. Although diet is used as a weight lose method, the main meaning of a diet is a programme designed or prescribed to improve a person's physical conditions or to prevent/treat a sickness. In other words, it does not mean restricting certain foods in any way. It has a medical aspect. Today, according to some researches, malfunctioning of the body is mostly related to nutrition. Therefore, dieticians' main aim is to do a holistic approach to the health of a person and to create a diet programme that will regulate the health of the person or try to maintain the conditions stable. The most important goal is to ensure that the person can maintain her\his diet programme. In other words, following a diet or visiting a dietician is not fashionable. Just as we are going to a doctor, that we do not popularize this topic and accept that everyone's treatment is personal, we also should take it personal when we consult a dietitian. Because today, one of the most prioritized issues in our social enviroment is diet and dietitians. When everyone talks about what their dietitian advises him\her, it may cause boredom , reduce trust in the dietitian, and decrease success. Therefore, do not share with your social enviroment whether you are on a diet or need to lose weight. This topic is private for everyone. From time to time, social pressure can lead us to failure. Avoid talking with your friends about such special topics without understanding their feelings. A subject may be important for you but may not be important and easy for the others. Therefore, if you are not an expert on diet, avoid talking with your friends because you may obstruct someone to succeed.

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